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Now, having seen the previous post about Trisha being gone to the beach for the weekend, some may think this is a distress call/a call for help. I know; none of you are used to seeing a post from me. Not to worry: The children are all still alive and well, and I have still have my wits about me. Of course, we are only 15 hours into this. The purpose of this guest prose is to give a shout out to why my boo (hood lingo) deserves this weekend and so much more.

I sat down with the roustabouts to ask them each why they thought that their momma deserved this weekend or as they referred to it, a break. Here you go:

1. She lets us play outside
2. She takes US to the beach.
3. She reads books to us.
4. She takes me to school.
5. She let me have a slim jim, slurpee and silly bands yesterday!

Ella (I will be writing in the unique vernacular of Ella Grace)
1. She cookses for us.
2. She doeses the laundry for us.
3. She makeses our beds for us.
4. She prayses for us.
5. She getses our clothes out for us.

Lillian (Disclaimer: Lillian has a few screws loose)
1. Hot dog
2. Takes Ella to school (p.s. Ella doesn't go to school)
3. Break
4. Takes our clothes off
5. Macaroni and cheese

Faticus Jacksicus (Jackson's gladiator name)
1. Drool drool drool
2. Spit up
3. Poop poop poop
4. More rancid spit up
5. The above are all the things Jackson did while I asked the others these questions but overall he seconded all of their comments. Well, all of them except the ones from that nut bag Lillian!

1. Every day in every way, Trisha dies of herself for the wants, needs, desires and complaints of all of us. The complaining is mostly from me.
2. Trisha never never ever ever does anything for herself. She forgoes haircuts, clothes, sleep, relaxation, pampering, etc. so that she can meet the needs of all of us.
3. Sometimes in life you need to exchange the conversation of four people under the age 6 with 4-5 women who deserve the same.
4. She has to put up with me day in and day out. She doesn't slap me when I get worn out from my two - three hours a day that I see the kids. She cooks the best food on the face of the earth to keep us all in fighting form.
5. Most importantly: SHE LOOKS WICKED HOT WITH A TAN!

We love you mom and miss you. We are so excited that you get some you time just please don't forget about us.

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Grandma said...

Sweet post, Scott!! She IS awonderful Mommy and Wife, but you are also a wonderful Daddy and Husband. I am so proud of you both!