Here We Are

This post won't be nearly as sweet or entertaining as the last one (thank you, Scott for that surprise) but here is a picture of me and the girls last night on the beach.

We had a wonderful time relaxing, staying up way too late watching movies and chatting like school girls (after which I couldn't sleep in either morning - go figure), and I had an entire day yesterday and most of the morning today to chill out and roast myself in the sun... LOVED it (please no lectures about skin cancer, at least I use sunscreen now instead of tanning oil like when I was younger). We didn't have to spend any money all weekend - we didn't even leave the condo except to go to the beach... and based on how many snacks we had you would have thought we were there for a month (which is probably how long it will take me to work off all the food I ate the past 2 days).

Since Scott did such an amazing job while I was gone (I even came home to a clean house, beds made with all the laundry washed, dried and folded) I might have to do it again sometime soon! :)

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Karen said...

Glad that you got to have a "vacation day"!