Two Weeks Later...

...and I realized I never did a post about my birthday on March 25th! Two weeks later and my birthday flowers from the kids are still brightening up our dining room. Yes I would rather have weeds and wildflowers than roses any day!

I wanted to sleep in on my birthday but I opted instead to go to the 6 AM spinning class I have been trying to frequent. Scott took the day off so he got all the kids dressed for me and they all rode together to take Caleb to school. Grandaddy babysat for us so he and I could enjoy a nice walk downtown to Mitchell's Coffee Shop, just the two of us, for coffee together. That was the perfect start to the day for me - sitting outside together sipping coffee and munching on a cranberry scone (he had a bagel). YUM!

After that it was time to take the kids to playgroup - the Easter party was that day so I didn't want them to miss it. Jackson stayed home with his Daddy and I left the girls at playgroup for a brief time to go have lunch with Caleb. He has been asking since the beginning of the school year and this seemed like a good opportunity to do it. We split a tuna sub from Subway and had fun just hanging out together in his school cafeteria. I went back to playgroup and when the festivities were done we headed home.

After naptime, Scott took all the kids with him to pick up Caleb, then I got to grocery shop by myself, and even visit a local health food store I have been wanting to check out (note to self: never ever grocery shop without the kids again because your cart has far too much space to fill with stuff you shouldn't be spending money on, even if they are all great deals).

Back home to unload groceries and get ready for my annual free steak dinner at Texas Cattle Company. I never miss it! We took the kids this time and it was really fun! Mima, Papa and Grandaddy were there so we had plenty of extra hands.

Then home for the best part of the day - homemade apple pie!!! This was something my Granny did for me when she was still alive and something I miss terribly - I'm just not a fan of birthday cake... or store-bought apple pie. So Daddy stepped up and granted my wish for a homemade apple birthday pie. He even made the crust from scratch, used cinnamon instead of nutmeg, and dusted the top with sugar crystals... all things, in my opinion, which are requirements for a perfect apple pie. Thanks, Daddy!

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the pie!

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Charles and Heidi said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Trisha! What a fun day you had!! Loved all the pictures!