A First For Me...

Last night I did something we have never done before - I actually went shopping for summer clothes for all the kids... and I didn't feel guilty about spending the money. This is also the first time we have been without a car payment and credit card debt when the kids needed clothes - praise God for his provision (I plan on driving my van until it literally starts falling apart just to be free from that monthly payment)!

Usually, no matter what season it is, we make due with our own hand-me-downs or things other people have given us, but for some reason we were really short on summer clothes. Caleb wears uniforms every day so we just hadn't thought to buy him anything; Ella had a few things that we got from someone at church but not enough to last the whole summer; Lillian had NOTHING - Ella must have been really hard on her 2T summer stuff and Jackson needed some things, too - I guess after 6 years it is hard to keep up with all of Caleb's old clothes.

So after bedtime last night, my neighbor Christina and I headed to Target to see what kind of sales they were having. We hit the jackpot and found lots of cute stuff for great prices... Here's what you get when you have 7 kids between 2 families and they are all really close in age:
We didn't even plan to dress them all alike, it just happened. Too cute - it's a good thing they aren't all in school together yet!

Speaking of shopping, Ella has figured out my grocery shopping habits and knew that we were due for a trip to the store soon. She made her list for me this morning:
I want her grocery bill instead of mine!

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