Pics on the Promenade

Every month there are several companies that sponsor an event called Pics on the Promenade - there is a HUGE screen set up outside by Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland and they show outdoor movies. Friday was the first time they showed a kid-friendly movie (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) and man was it packed!

We usually take a picnic when we go but this time we splurged and let the kids get Happy Meals since they would actually be sitting and watching the movie. Usually they are running around with their friends while we try and catch snippets of whatever movie is playing. We walked there with a bunch of our neighbors and ran into tons of people we knew there. My OB-GYN was there and I realized how odd it was that I wouldn't be visiting him monthly anymore - made me a little bit sad especially since Jackson is almost 1 and this is about the time our next bundle of joy would be on its way! :) Then I started to wonder how many of the kids there he had delivered - ha! My mind wanders to the strangest things sometimes.

Usually we have family night on Thursdays but I'm glad we decided to switch things up last week and did this on Friday. Next month, Parker Street Ministries is one of the sponsors and they are showing The Blind Side (amazing story but kind of a cheesy movie in my opinion, although everyone else has loved it). What a cool way to spread the word about our ministry and neighborhood.

I totally spaced out on the picture-taking front, but here are a couple of shots.

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Caleb with some of our neighbors and a yummy bag of kettle corn he swiped from his Grandaddy.

Lillian cheesing it up for the camera.

Baby Lillian at a past Pics on the Promenade on 5/9/2008 - she wasn't even a year old yet!

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