A Day Downtown

I love where we live. I love that I am walking distance from downtown Lakeland, which is where we spent our morning today. Usually we go to the library for story time on Wednesdays, but the weather was so gorgeous that I didn't want to be inside, even for something intellectually stimulating :) So we packed our water bottles and some snacks and got to walking.

Every Saturday and Wednesday there is a farmer's market downtown that I have been wanting to visit. There aren't a ton of vendors there; in fact, the main reason I went was to pick up some produce from a vendor I have seen there on Saturdays before, but for some reason they weren't there today... Maybe they only set up on the weekend. Bummer, we really needed some fruit but I guess I will have to suck it up and haul everyone to the grocery store later.

I let the girls throw some pennies in the fountain at Munn Park and then we went to peruse all the goods people were selling. Ella was entranced by the hand-made jewelry booths and Lillian just wanted to pet all the dogs people had with them. We visited a woman selling homemade Italian food and the girls decided they wanted some meatballs for lunch. They were really yummy and HUGE - there were 6 in an order so it was perfect for them to share. I got Jackson a grilled cheese sandwich which he was quite content with, until he realized the girls were eating meatballs!

After they had finished their lunch I told them they could have a special treat - Lillian wanted a pink popsicle (although it looks like she is swinging a light saber in the picture) and Ella wanted a blue Airhead candy. Luckily Jackson was asleep by this time.
This was Momma's lunch and special treat... and breakfast too, come to think of it (I never thought I would reach a point in my life where I would forget to eat breakfast - how does that happen?). Yes the bag is over halfway gone and I am the only one eating it- don't judge! It was a small bag! :)

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