Spring Break Part 4

We started the morning with storytime and an egg hunt at the Bartow library. Our neighbor's mom works there and does a really good storytime every week. Normally it falls at the same time as our church playgroup, but since there was no playgroup this week we were able to go there instead.

After that we went with our neighbor and her two boys and another friend from church and her two kiddos to McDonald's for lunch (gotta love those $1.99 Happy Meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays). At noon we had to rush home for me to get ready for a daytime hot date with Scott - he had gotten free tickets to a Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Braves Spring Training game. It was a beautiful day and we had fun spending some one-on-one time together, even though we were the only two in our section rooting for the Braves (although they lost). No pictures, though - I didn't want to drag my camera there.

He took me shopping for a new swimsuit after that since I didn't own one and we were going to the beach the next day, then a quick trip to the dollar store to get some things for Easter. We got to our house and my friend Tricia was at our house. She was coming for a visit to spend the night and hang out with us at the beach the next day.

I decided to bake a ham for dinner that night since we're having pork on Sunday for Easter dinner and while I was in the kitchen cooking, our youngest decided he needed to learn how to climb on the kids' stool... Little stinker!

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