Spring Break Part 5

Five words - 11 kids at the beach! Sounds a little intimidating, but it was so much fun, even without the dads there to help. We spent the day at St. Pete beach and had an amazing time. We even saw dolphins jumping and frolicking in the water. I LOVE the beach!

Then I came home to two projects being completed (with Grandaddy's help) since Scott had some time to himself all day! He and my dad laid this walkway a long time ago, but we had to move it when we put sod down in our yard. The path goes all the way to our neighbors' driveway, but the last section hadn't been put back yet.

He was able to get that done and install a net on the trampoline Grandaddy and Granmommy gave us. It is MONSTROUS, but we knew we wanted one. Now Jackson is in hog heaven - he can crawl around to his heart's content and we don't have to chase him in circles around the trampoline to make sure he doesn't crawl off the edge! I know Scott would have loved to relax on his day off, but we are hosting Easter dinner tomorrow so I'm glad he had some time to get that done. Thanks, babe!

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