Spring Break Part 3

I decided to surprise Caleb this morning and make his bed for him, and when I went in his room, this is what I found - so cute:

We got to do another craft this morning (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)!

Then it was off to Barnett Park. The water was FREEZING but they didn't seem to mind!

Gotta love those hand-me-downs - I didn't even remember getting this cute swimsuit from someone but it was in Ella's drawer!

This swimsuit fits Lillian's petite frame a lot differently than Ella's at this age! Here she is sneaking some of my drink.

Jackson playing peek-a-boo behind the wall.

I had to close my eyes for this one (well, except when I was taking the picture). Note to self: never wear a sundress to Barnett Park because you will inevitably be rescuing your daredevil 4 year-old when she gets stuck at the very top of this contraption:

Future gymnast?

Jackson has figured out how to climb stairs!

Tonight is Bible Study here in our neighborhood so I won't have to cook dinner - yay!!


Brian and Ella said...

love reading about your spring break daily adventures! keep it up!!!

japm1944 said...

Great pics! What fun they had. Love Mima and Papa