Spring Break Part 2

Our day started great - I actually got up to go work out this morning at 6 and was full of energy when I got home at 7 and everyone was awake (side note: I am SO appreciative of the membership to Gold's Gym we get free through Scott's work but man, I miss the Y and being able to take my kids with me to work out!). My plan was to hang out here this morning so I could dust and vacuum while the kids worked on some Easter crafts they got from Grandma and Grandpa, have lunch and naps and then go to Backyard Adventures. We worked on the craft together for a while and then I turned on Sesame Street for them (after which Caleb informed me that "big kids" like him don't watch that) so I could start cleaning. That's when everything went downhill!

After doing a quick dusting in our bedroom, I came back into the dining room and saw a marker cap lying on the table. Then I realized that my dear eldest three were throwing the marker around in the girls' bedroom and had proceeded to get marker all over the laminate floor and the girls' new bedspreads :( I have no idea if it is washable or not, Caleb bought it at his school store a few weeks ago with some of his allowance. So then we all had a discussion about destructiveness and being good stewards of the things we have (thank you Ginger Plowman and Wise Words for Moms for the great scripture references). Now it is 11:30 AM and everyone has been sent to their rooms and I am wondering what in the WORLD we will do the rest of the day since I told the kids they couldn't go to Backyard Adventures :(

Poor Jackson is crawling around the house wondering where his siblings are. Oh well, enjoy the pictures from this morning (pre-disaster)! And pray for us since I think it will be a long afternoon!

P.S. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can put on top of that armoire in the background to make it look prettier?

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Brian and Ella said...

wish we were spring breaking it in lakeland with you all this week. it looks like you've already been to my favorite places!! :)

love the easter decorations!! and i'm sorry about the morning...hope it's been a better afternoon! what is backyard adventures, by the way??