My New Toy!

Our neighbor is selling a bunch of her stuff because she and her husband will be moving this summer to be missionaries in Japan. She offered me first dibs on her KitchenAid mixer for a really great price. I tossed the idea around and just couldn't decide if I should do it or not... of course I have wanted one and this was a fantastic deal, but should I spend the money, would I use it, etc. She made a great point - if I decided I didn't want it in a few months, I could always sell it on Craig's list for probably more than I paid for it. Scott encouraged me to get it - he wanted me to register for one when we got married and I didn't. So with his blessing to spend his hard-earned money I told her we would buy it from her.

I used it for the first time on Saturday and I am hooked! How have I survived without one all these years?!? I used it to make banana pudding (I was so excited to be able to take a picture of it while it was doing all the work for me!) but I can only imagine what else I will get to do with it!

I wonder how I can make it fit into my South Beach diet plan ;)

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