A Cause for Celebration

Lillian is the only one of our kids so far that has REALLY taken to a special blanket (her "ti-ti") and pacifier... The older two used pacifiers when they were babies but always kind of weaned themselves right around a year old. Not this kid! She will be three in September and we have been talking about taking her pacifier away - knowing it needed to happen but dreading the actual idea of doing it.

Two Fridays ago (3/26) I took the plunge! Scott was at a movie and I couldn't find any of her pacifiers at bedtime... I texted him to see if I should just go with it - after all, it was a weekend and Spring Break was the following week so if she was absolutely losing it we could have just hung out at home and dealt with it - no morning school drop-offs, Bible Study, car line in the afternoon, etc.

So we did it - or should I say she did it!!! She has been AMAZING - still going to bed and staying in bed... the only thing is she isn't falling asleep as quickly or quietly, but we'll take that! She has asked for it a couple of times but very matter-of-factly, not in a whining tone at all.

So to reward her, her Daddy got her The Princess and the Frog on DVD. She was so excited - we definitely wanted her to know how proud we are of her for how well she has done. Great job, baby girl!!

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