A Day Out With Thomas

Lillian and Jacob (our neighbor)

The Birthday Boy in his new hat!

This is how we decided to celebrate Jackson's birthday, and then just do cake and ice cream with close friends and family at home. The weather was perfect today - we had some mild drizzling for a brief time but it was nice to have the sun behind the clouds.

I started the day by turning Jackson's car seat to face forward - I have no doubt that he is well over 20 pounds - my lower back can attest to that! We will find out his weight and height at his well-check on Monday. He has always been a content car rider, unlike the other three, so changing the seat wasn't as huge of a deal for him - but he still seemed to enjoy seeing Mommy and Daddy while we rode.

After a slight detour from a wrong turn, we arrived at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish. Remembering my life (job) before children and getting back into event-planning mode, I was very impressed with how well the event was organized and how thoroughly everything had been planned out, down to a tent for nursing and diaper changes - ever tried to do either of those in a porta-potty? They even had kid-sized camp chairs with umbrellas over them so the little ones had a place to sit and rest... and there were lots of little ones!

The highlight was definitely the train ride, but there was also a hayride and tons of fun activities. We had a blast end ended the day with homemade ice cream - how perfect is that! The tickets were a little expensive in my opinion, but we had an amazing time and it was definitely cheaper, easier, and even more fun than a huge, overdone birthday party at home.

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