Digging In

After our day at the railroad museum, we headed home for the rest of the festivities. Grandma and Grandpa had driven over from Daytona and brought everything we needed for a delicious meal of hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings. I can't even tell you what a relief it was not to have to worry about dinner - we would have ended up at Chick-Fil-A or Moe's!

Mima, Papa, Grandaddy and Uncle Austin also came over and we had a nice family dinner together. After that we set out some party food and a few of our neighbors joined us to watch the cake-eating madness. Jackson dug right in to his cake - no shyness there! And minus a little bit we cut out for the older three, he ate the entire mini-cake himself, along with a cup of vanilla ice cream. We had to hose him and the high chair down when he was done! I was really expecting some serious tummy problems later in the evening, but he seemed fine!

He got some fun presents - a book from our neighbors, new books and an outfit from Uncle Austin, lots of great clothes and an adorable lion chair from Mima and Papa, a talking toy mailbox from Grandma and Grandpa and a LeapFrog Drum from Grandaddy and Granmommy.

What a fun day we had celebrating Jackson's first birthday... and Scott survived yet another experience of hanging streamers (love you, babe - thanks for putting up with my neurotic decorating tendencies)!

Caleb (on his own) decided that he wanted to dress up for Jackson's party and put on his dress shirt and tie... too cute! He had worn them on Friday for a "Q&U Wedding" at school and I guess he thought this was a special occasion, too!


Brian and Ella said...

happy birthday, Jackson!! what a big boy you are! we love you so much and wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!! what a fun day!

and as for Caleb dressing up for the occasion, that is just too cute, and Hudson would have done the exact same thing!! (and he's going to his Q&U wedding on Monday...he is so excited!!!!)

Charles and Heidi said...

I had to look that up. I had no idea what you both were talking about! There's a cute video of a similar wedding on teachertube.

Happy Birthday to Jackson!!