Bring on the Kleenex (for me!)

One year ago...

My baby isn't a baby anymore :( We celebrated Jackson's first birthday today and somehow, by God's grace I managed to hold myself together and avoid a total breakdown (although the day isn't officially over yet)!

Jackson and Mommy together for the first time

One year later

My precious boy, I can't believe it has already been 365 days since I saw your sweet face for the first time. That single moment took my breath away and I immediately felt so much love for you that I thought my heart would burst. How blessed I am to have experienced the miracle of birth four times - I don't think you or your siblings will ever understand just how amazing it is until you have children of your own.

I have tried not to spend the last 2 days re-living the events of your birth and instead enjoy what a big boy you are becoming, but it has been hard for this momma! I just don't want to admit how quickly the days are flying by. And I would love so much to experience it all again and make you a big brother!

I can't imagine our life or family without you. Your sisters and brother absolutely adore you and I think lately, now that you are older and understanding more, the feeling is definitely mutual. You aren't talking much yet because they get you what you need or want (or sometimes things you don't need or want) before you have to tell me! You are the only one who hasn't taken steps before your first birthday because you have three little people who dote on you every waking moment!

I love dressing you in Caleb's old clothes and seeing how much you look like him, and watching your personality develop to see what characteristics you are adopting from your siblings. You are such a sweet, snuggly boy and I know everyone thinks their kid is cute, but you are CUTE, and already exhibiting such a sweet spirit. You are a great snuggler and a very affectionate baby - when you see me after I have been gone for a little while, you will just smile, laugh and smother me in kisses. It is the best feeling ever!
Our new family a year ago

A year of hugs, kisses, smiles, laughs and boo-boos later...

So today, little man, we celebrate you and your first year of life... and praise God for the miracle of you!

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japm1944 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jackson. We had fun spending it with you. Love, Mima and Papa.