More Firsts

Lillian's first haircut (at 2 and a half years old!)...

She wanted to try on all the different color capes and then she wanted a blow-dry at the end :)


Caleb's first spelling test... did I have these in Kindergarten?!? Also, he lost his second tooth the other day - this time he let Scott help him pull it out. And he got his first sleepover invitation today... He was already planning to go to a party that his classmate is having on Saturday and today the little boy's mom e-mailed to tell me that he picked Caleb out of all his other friends to stay the night. We will probably let him - I have met her at some other functions and feel okay with it... I guess! I know I just need to lighten up but my baby will be sleeping at someone else's house!

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japm1944 said...

elizabethLillian, I love your first haircut. You are such a cutie. Mima and Papa. Caleb, way to go on your spelling test. Have fun at your first sleepover. We love you'll.