Where Have We Been?

You may wonder why there is an absence of posts here from this week (or maybe you haven't noticed or don't care!)... That is because I have been missing two children for the last two nights! Granmommy has been visiting and the girls spend last night and the night before with her at Grandaddy's house. Now I remember what life with 2 was like, except that now the oldest is at school all day. And there isn't a whole lot to blog about!

So why is my house still messy and my laundry still piled up? Who knows - maybe you could ask Jackson since I have been smothering him with attention all day yesterday and this morning! He will probably be ready for a break from me when the girls come back later today!

I did get the pleasure if taking all the kids with me to Jackson's 9-month well check on Monday (Caleb was out of school for a teacher work day). Here are Jackson's stats:
height: 28 inches
weight: 19 lbs., 7 oz.
head circ.: 47 cm

Dr. Leviten decided to skip his vaccinations for now because he has had a nasty cough since last week. He actually tested him for RSV but it came back negative, thank the Lord!

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Brian and Ella said...

of course we care! i love reading your blog!!

how much fun that the girls got to spend some good time with their grandparents and you had time with just your boys! and how special to have that time with just your baby...a rarity in a house of 4 kiddos!

love you.