Another celebration involving food... and lots of it!

Happy 34th Birthday, Scott!

Ella decided last week (completely on her own) that she wanted to help me make monkey bread for Daddy as his birthday cake, so that's the plan we stuck with. Anyone who knows Scott realizes what a big deal this is since he ALWAYS gets a cookie cake on his birthday. But he was more than happy to oblige with his sweet little girl's plans for his special day! More on our celebration later in this post...
My day started bright and early with some very excited (or, in Jackson's case, fussy) children. I have decided that in order to spare his sanity on my birthday, Scott needs to take all the children to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast because I am a much lighter sleeper than he is! FINALLY, three hours after they woke up, I let them go in and wake up their Daddy!

Scott made me promise not to give him anything for his BD so these are from the kids - the girls decorated the picture on the right and Caleb did the other one.

Birthday breakfast - Jackson is in a food coma at the end of the table from eating practically ALL of my grits!!

Here we are working on the monkey bread - Mommy and her little chefs-in-training!

Here we are waiting at Texas Cattle Company so Scott can have his free steak dinner - a birthday tradition in our household! I always eat just salad when we go (unless it is my birthday, of course) because they let you get all you want and it is MUCH cheaper than ordering an entree. I also get fried green tomatoes - YUM!! Only two short months until I get my free steak!! Grandaddy and Austin joined us, as well as Mima and Papa. Thanks to our neighbor Christina who watched all of our kids.

Daddy and the young'uns digging in to the birthday cake, er, monkey bread. Note to self: never feed a sweet, gooey dessert to your children half an hour before bedtime.

Scott, in honor of your 34th birthday, here are 34 things I (we) love about you, some a little sillier than others:

1. You love God.

2. You love us no matter what.

3. You truly desire for me to be home with our kids and will make any sacrifice you need to in order for that to happen.

4. You're tall AND you have blue eyes!!

5. You truly listen and respect my opinion, even if it is different from your own.

6. You love to wrestle in the "square circle" (a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy's bed), even if it is seconds after walking in the door from work (that one's from the kids, not mommy!)

7. You want to put the kids to bed at night and even cherish that special time with them.

8. You would let me walk the lake, go to Target, Wal Mart and/or Starbucks every night if I wanted to, even if I asked you before the kiddos were in bed.

9. You don't complain (well, except for that one time) when I bring you a fussy baby at 4 AM because I really just need to shut my eyes for a couple of hours.

10. You don't complain when I "find" money in the budget to buy something for the house.

11. You support my neurotic picture-taking hobby - although I really do think that someday you will appreciate it instead of making fun of me! :)

12. You never forget to thank me or compliment me for meals... even if all I do is bake a frozen pizza or heat up leftovers.

13. You completely trust me with your hard-earned paycheck and never question how I am spending it (someday when we have some left over after paying bills, maybe that will change, ha-ha!).

14. You don't mind us going for a drive in the evenings just so the kids and I can get out, even though I know all you want to do is put your feet up and relax.

15. You rescue me from the laundry monster and will stay up until the wee hours of the morning folding numerous loads of laundry since I shut down after about 3 loads.

16. You could care less about eating out during the week, yet you don't complain when I drive through Wendy's or take the kids to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

17. You make people (including me) laugh.

18. You're a wonderful story-teller.

19. You make great scrambled eggs.

20. You can read "Polar Bear Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" better than anyone else on the planet (that one's actually from mommy).

21. You love to play (again, from the kids, not mommy!)

22. You don't mind sharing your bed with a 9-month old because you know how much his Momma is trying to cherish every second of his babyhood.

23. You take time in the mornings to spend time with us reading the Bible and praying together, even if it means you get to work later and have to stay that much later in the evening.

24. You take Caleb to school to spare me having to dress and load all the kids every morning.

25. On a rare evening out, you let us eat at Carrabba's even though Outback is your favorite!

26. You never get frustrated when I complain (very repeatedly) about "the witching hour".

27. Although I would never do it, you would totally let me hire a babysitter during that time to alleviate my burden of homework help, dinner, baths and tending to a fussy little one when I am low on energy and patience.

28. You don't complain if you come home to a messy house, unbathed children and a wife still in her frumpy house clothes.

29. You let us get diet coke when we are sharing a drink out somewhere.

30. You give amazing backscratches.

31. You weren't afraid to pursue my crazy idea of moving into the Parker Street Neighborhood.

32. Two words: law school.

33. You still think I am beautiful after birthing (and nursing) four little ones...

34. You are never afraid or unwilling to be the first to apologize.

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you and I am so glad God made you mine!

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Brian and Ella said...

happy birthday, scott!! so glad it was such a memorable day with your sweet fam!! we love you guys!!!!!