Illuscination (that's their title, not mine!)

Okay, so I had a whole witty and entertaining post written about our first trip to "The Greatest Show on Earth" but somehow all my text has disappeared and I don't feel like coming up with another paragraph or three so here is our day in a nutshell... free tickets, skimpy costumes (even the circus is changing with the times), overpriced souvenirs and snacks (of which we bought none), tired but entertained children, a fun and unforgettable day together as a family. I don't want to think about how much it would have cost us without the free tickets, but I am quite certain we wouldn't have gone! I love Saturdays when Scott gets to join us on our adventures. Thank you Lord for my family!

Is it me, or does Caleb look about 8 in this picture?!?

We got free clown noses with our tickets!

Cheapskate Momma brought snacks in!

As usual, no one to take a picture with all 6 of us together... maybe I could Photoshop Scott in next to me?

The Finale

Caleb and Ella after the show

I love pictures like this... and I love it more that my man (who happens to have a birthday coming up in 2 days) doesn't mind sporting a girlie diaper bag on his shoulder to help lighten my load - as if he didn't have enough to carry himself! He's so good to me :)

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