2 Weeks to Go!

We are only 13 days away from our due date!! As usual, nothing significant is happening yet - looks like this one may be late like the other three. I am trying to sleep as much as I can at night while he is still inside!

The kids and I have been living it up during Spring Break. I am enjoying the time with them so much! Monday I watched my friend Christina's kids in the morning and then she took all of us to lunch at Sonny's, which my kiddos absolutely love. The little people WAY outnumbered the adults so it was a little chaotic, but still lots of fun. Monday night was my friendship shower at a really yummy Mexican restaurant here.

Tuesday I took them to storytime at the library and let them pick out some books to check out, then we walked to Lake Morton for a picnic and to feed the ducks. Caleb accidentally took a walk into the lake up to about his thighs- luckily he had taken his shoes off! Lillian decided she needed to eat the bread more than the ducks did - the same way Ella was at this age.

Wednesday we hit the Children's Museum and then had Palace Pizza afterward for lunch. In the afternoon, Scott and I got to sneak off to a Tigers Spring Training game (although we were rooting for the Braves, who won). He had gotten tickets from someone and Grandaddy watched the kids for us. We even got to run to Target afterward and use my shower gift cards to get some last-minute baby necessities.

Today we will probably drive to Daytona for the day. We were hoping for a trip to the beach but it is supposed to rain... if it does we can just visit with Granmommy, Grandma and Grandpa. Tomorrow we are going with some friends from church to the aquarium - her mom has season passes that she is letting us all use.

I started feeling pretty tired yesterday afternoon from all the activity (or maybe 2 1/2 hours in the 83 degree heat at the game), but it is worth it. I really wanted to spend some special time with the older 3 before the new baby arrives - hopefully they are enjoying it as much as me!!

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Brian and Ella said...

so glad you all had such a fun spring break. wish we could have been with you on all of those fun outings...especially the museum and pizza!!! i'm happy you had some good quality time with your kiddos.

and i can't believe you are almost a week away (or sooner) from meeting your precious little guy. we can't wait!! and i'm very impressed at how much packing you have done for that day. i think i packed most of my bag that morning in between contractions!