Social Etiquette from a 3 Year-Old's Perspective

Last Wednesday we were going out to dinner for my birthday. We had a really hard time finding someone who was available to watch the kids, and ended up hiring someone our neighbor recommended (the FIRST time ever we have had to actually pay a sitter - not bad since Caleb is 5!)... However, she didn't get here until about 10 minutes before we had to leave and I hadn't been planning for a new sitter, so I was frantically trying to finish getting ready, write down instructions for her and get the kids fed.

In my haste, I forgot introductions so thank goodness Ella is a little more on the ball than I am. First, in the kitchen she looked at the sitter and said, "What's your name? She said, "I'm Priscilla." Then Ella said, "Daddy this is Priscilla, she is here to play with me." Later she was at the dinner table with her brother and sister and when the sitter came into the room she asked her again what her name was. Then Ella said "Priscilla, this is my daddy, his name is Scott; this is my mommy, her name is Trisha; this is my brother Cayub (how she says Caleb); this is Uncle Austin, and that's my sister Yiyiyund (her version of Lillian)".

Maybe she is on track for a Public Relations career one day... or just a little social butterfly!


These Three Kings said...

how precious is that!!? LOL!!!

how are you feeling these days!? how is the hood?

talk to you soon! :)


Charles and Heidi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings!!
What a sweet post of little Ella! I could take some instructions from her!!
You are obviously doing something very right!!