Final preparations - 9 days until my due date!

We are all getting ready for the baby's arrival in our own ways... I have been packing bags for what seems like an eternity - my hospital bag, the baby's hospital bag, a diaper bag for an infant, suitcases for each of the three older kids to stay at my dad's while we are in the hospital (two of which I already sent to his house - that's suitcases, not kids), fun bags for each of the kids to have at the hospital to keep them busy, snacks and juice boxes to have on hand at the hospital when they are visiting, a CD player for my room, and list after endless list to remember what I still have to pack at the last minute.

Lillian is taking a more laid-back approach. She just wants to make sure the baby gear is working properly... equally as important and something I probably would have overlooked!

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Just Robin said...

I keep looking for new info :). I would love to see a ready to have a baby picture of 'mama'!

Pray all goes well!