What's New with our Kids

I never expected that Caleb would have homework assignments in preschool, but that is the surprise we got his first week back from Christmas break. He was really excited about it and wanted to do it right when we got home, even though it wasn't due until the end of the week. Hopefully he will continue with such an eager attitude toward schoolwork! He is adjusting to being a 5 year-old very well. He is (for the most part) happy to take on additional tasks around the house and wants to help anyone he can in any way he can. He is great at sorting laundry, taking his dirty dishes to the dishwasher, making his bed, and pretty much anything else I ask him to help me with... no, I am not a slave-driver, he just has a servant's heart. Every night at dinner we put whatever vegetables we are eating on all the kids' plates and ask them to try a bite. He has grown to love a lot of different foods that way, unlike his sisters. His newest thing is that he will want to eat Ella's vegetables so she can have dessert. He is very excited about Kindergarten (though he did tell his dad the other day he would be excited for me to home school) and he LOVES to watch the Food Network.

Ella has FINALLY decided to potty train. It really is true what they say - no matter what or how hard you try, they won't do it until they are ready. What isn't true in our case is that boys are harder than girls to train. We never had this much trouble with Caleb! We are by no means out of the woods yet, but we are in day #4 of pooping only on the potty. She is still occasionally wetting her pull-up but that is a huge improvement over this time a week ago. And I am thrilled at the prospect of buying diapers for only one child (even if for a short time). And to think I wanted to train Ella before Lillian was born - HA! We will barely be done by the time Baby Boy arrives. Ella is slowly coming out of her defiant toddler phase, although she is still sometimes very moody... and very quick to change moods! She is definitely the late sleeper of the three - she will often times stay in bed until I have to wake her to take Caleb to school. She gets that from her Daddy :) She is full of spunk and a ton of fun to be around (most of the time), just don't cross her when she is tired or, even worse, hungry - she gets that from her Mommy :)

Lillian leaves little time for relaxation. If she is awake, she is climbing on something. I don't know how she does it, and always in the blink of an eye. Forget taking a shower when I am here alone with them, unless I barricade her in the bathroom with me. Even then she is still trying to climb in the toilet or take a head dive into the bathtub. She is not tiny and scrawny like she used to be, but she is still kind of bald so she looks younger than she really is. She is the pickiest eater so far but would eat yogurt at every meal if I would let her and just about eats her weight in cheerios every day. She loves to walk around with little purses and bags, or backpacks as she calls them, just like her older sister. When I ask her for a kiss she will lay her open, slobbery mouth on mine and say "luya" (I love you). She promptly says thank you (daa too) when you give her something and in the last few days has started adding her version of "you're welcome" on the end of it - "daa too wak". She is noticing my growing belly and loves to lift up my shirt and rub it. She also loves to point at my facial features and name them, although if I ask her what they are she won't tell me - it's all about her timing! When Scott comes home from work she runs (FAST) to the back door screaming "DaaDaa" the whole way and demands that he pick her up right then! She loves her brother and sister and asks for them when they aren't where she is. She has quite a temper and likes to make her voice heard... terrible 2's here we come.

Baby boy is growing just as he should be. I am nearing the end of my 26th week and I am definitely feeling him squirm and kick - he is VERY active! I can't wait to see his sweet little face! I feel great, just getting a little winded pretty easily these days. This pregnancy has been the easiest one yet and it is flying by. Ella talks about her new "baby broder" all the time and Caleb can't wait to have a roommate. We are still deciding on a name but if it was up to his siblings, Ella would name him Bozo and Caleb would name him Dash. We are leaning toward a more traditional name :)

We are really enjoying this time in our kids' lives. They are all at such fun ages and even though it is utterly exhausting at times, I can't imagine life any other way. Sure it would be nice to have more time alone with my husband, more money to work on the house or take vacations, more time alone with my husband, newer cars, more time alone with my husband, etc. But what a blessing we have been given in our sweet family. God is so good!

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