House Update

Still no changes to the outside of our house (unfortunately), but we made some changes inside to the bedroom arrangements. Caleb is now in his own room and the two girls are sharing Caleb and Ella's old room. At some point we will move baby boy in with Caleb, we will just have to wait and see how old he is before he starts sleeping through the night and how heavy of a sleeper he is. We will be transforming the nursery into a walk-in-closet for us since it is right off our bedroom. Right now it is a catch-all space with no rods or anything to make it functional as a closet, but all in due time :) So as of now Caleb is sharing the closet in his room with his daddy, Caleb's clothes are still hanging in the armoire in the girls' room, and Lillian's hanging clothes are in the armoire in the former nursery. Yet another sacrifice of living in a historic home - NO closet space!

Notice Lillian in the rocking chair - she LOVES to sit there by herself and look at books. Too cute!

Gotta love the makeshift "door" - a sheet tacked to the door frame :) Luckily CB doesn't mind letting us put our books in his room since we don't have anywhere else for them. So the bottom half of the bookshelf is his stuff.

We are still trying to find a spot for the TV since neither of us wants it in our bedroom and we aren't too crazy about it being in either of the kid's rooms.

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Brian and Ella said...

the rooms look great! i am so impressed you got it looks like you even painted on lillian's side of the room! is that right?

we need to do some major painting and rearranging ourselves pretty soon. ahhh!!

my boys have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures on your blog of their cousins!