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Here are a few quick updates on our kiddos since I am now officially a blogging slacker. Lillian FINALLY reached 20 pounds so she could face forward in the car. Since she was going to move into Ella's seat, we got Ella a new car seat. Luckily I had gotten a cash register receipt coupon at Target for 15% off any car seat so we used it to buy this one:

Ella was in hog heaven and is still telling everyone about her new pink car seat. Lillian has always been good riding in the car, even when rear facing, so I don't notice much of a difference for her. It is a million times easier getting her buckled in though, that's for sure. And the seat she uses now takes up a lot less room than her infant seat and base.

Ella is the comic relief of the family - she says and does the funniest things! She is also very into shoes and purses or anything to do with dressing up. She is talking away, telling stories in sequence and with pretty large sentences. It's been fun hanging out with her when Caleb is at school and Lillian is napping (yes, she still takes 2 naps a day). Ella's new favorite song is "Mighty to Save" which we have been singing lots at church lately... and at home, and in the car, and at the grocery store, and on walks around the neighborhood... you get the picture!

Lillian (just in the last 2 weeks) has really taken to her blanket and pacifier. She has always had them in bed with her, but now she is insisting on having them ALL the time and gets very upset when she sees someone else holding her blanket, even if she wasn't using it at the time. It is so strange that neither of the other kids ever had a little "blankie" or whatever you want to call it that they were attached to like that. I won't know how to take it away from her! She is a very affectionate baby, especially with me... always laying her little head on my shoulder or squeezing my arm when I hold her. She is climbing on EVERYTHING - I am always finding her stuck in some precarious position because she was trying to climb on a chair or large toy or something. She also finds her way on Caleb's bed or the couch in a split second when you take your eyes off her. Caleb is really adjusting well to VPK. He loves his teachers and has a great time with all of his friends. I still would love to home school, but I am wondering if he would miss the "classroom" setting of a traditional school. We will keep talking and praying about it and see what happens by fall. Some of his friends have turned 5 already and it has really made me realize just how fast time has flown since he was born. I love just having conversations with him - I can talk to him about most anything and he really gets it - he understands what I am saying and can actually converse with me about stuff. He is also my new breakfast partner - I take him out for breakfast on any school holidays he has since he loves breakfast out just about as much as I do and Scott and the girls could take it or leave it. We usually go to Harry's, an old-fashioned diner just a couple of blocks from our house, and he loves to sit up at the counter like a big kid. Luckily on those days Scott is able to go to work a little bit later than usual and he gets some one-on-one time with his little girls. Yesterday he got his first buzz cut - one of our neighbors did it and Caleb absolutely LOVES it! I miss his beautiful blond locks but I guess since everyone else likes it I will keep my opinion to myself!Little Peanut #4 appears to be growing and developing well. I am definitely feeling little baby kicks now which is just about the coolest experience in the world - I will really miss it! My next doctor's appointment isn't until November 4.

Probably the coolest news right now for our family is the fact that Granmommy, Grandaddy and Terani are moving to Florida!!! They are on the road right now and we are thrilled that they will be so close! The kids are asking every day when they will be getting here!

Okay, hopefully that is enough information to fill everyone for the next two weeks or so since that is about how often I am posting these days! I will leave you with Happy Fall wishes and this picture:

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Brian and Ella said...

trisha, i loved the update!! your kiddos are getting so big...we can't wait to see you guys!! love you.