Mima's Birthday Celebration

We had Mima's birthday dinner a few days late this year because Scott and I had a hot date on her actual birthday. He got free tickets (and dinner beforehand) to a Neil Diamond concert through a work connection of Scott's. Yes, we were some of the youngest people there but we were just as excited as everyone else to be there - should I be admitting that to anyone? :) The concert was awesome but back to my reason for this post - a special birthday for a very special lady.

The main ingredient in Mima's birthday dinner is always a strawberry-romaine salad that she LOVES and would make a meal out of. But we also had steak, chicken, baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and garlic bread. Caleb and I usually bake her a carrot cake but this year we tried something different - a carrot cake/cheesecake combination with cream cheese frosting. Madisyn was staying at our house this weekend so I had extra help with the meal, dessert and with my kiddos all weekend. They sure do love their cousin! I told her I was hiring her as my nanny when the new baby comes in April.
So happy (belated) birthday, Mima! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

The birthday spread

Artwork designed by Madisyn and colored by Caleb and Ella

Mima with some help blowing out her candles


These Three Kings said...

yuuummmm!!! looks good girl!!
how are things with cha!?

Happy Birhtday Mima!

Charles and Heidi said...

What a yummy birthday party for Judy! She does deserve the very best and it looks like that is what you gave her!! Wish we could have been there to help celebrate. Happy Birthday, Judy!!

Brian and Ella said...

hate we missed such a fun birthday!! and little ella is such a cute little ballerina!