A Family Legacy - Fixing and Building Things

Here is a picture of Caleb from Saturday:

Two guesses what his Papa and Daddy were working on ALL day that day :) Unfortunately (for us) Caleb had much better results with his repairs that Scott did - his car is still not running. But at least the three of them had fun hanging out and working together all day. We told Caleb to get used to it - the MacDonald men don't seem to have very good luck lately with their vehicles so thank goodness Papa is good at figuring out how to fix them.

Here is what Caleb and Papa worked on earlier that morning:
He also built a castle with Ella out of her princess blocks, but I didn't get a picture of that one in time.

Thank you, Papa for teaching our kids (and their Daddy) all you know about fixing, repairing, and remodeling things. We certainly can use your expertise around here!

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