Our Little Peanut

I had my first OB appointment today... There is a little discrepancy on my due date but it is either April 8 or April 15. Everything looks good so far!

It is still kind of bittersweet for me since this is probably our last - I just keep thinking of all the lasts... the last pregnancy test I will take, the last time I get to tell Scott the good news, the last time I get to see and hear our baby's heart beating for the first time, the list goes on. But I will try hard to keep my hormonal thoughts from going there!

Thank you Lord for this little miracle growing inside of me. I am daily humbled, amazed and so very thankful that you have chosen to take me down the amazing path of parenthood.


These Three Kings said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! how did I miss this one.. so excited fpr you all!! awwww, the joys of being a mom!!

praying for you and new baby!! :)

Brian and Ella said...

so excited for you all...loved the pictures! trisha, we can enjoy "the lasts" together...i can so relate!! i'm trying to soak it all in one last time!

Charles and Heidi said...

We are sharing your joy with you!! The MacDonald family is growing and growing!! We are blessed to be a part of it!
God is good!!!
Love to all!!