Why I Love Fall

Down here where the leaves don't change color and it stays hot through Christmas, my favorite thing about fall is COLLEGE FOOTBALL (most especially SEC football)! After celebrating the first of many Gator victories this weekend, we headed to Chick-Fil-A yesterday in our Gator gear to score some free food. If you didn't know about it, CFA had a promotion where they were giving away a 3-pc. order of chicken strips to anyone who came in sporting a football team logo of any kind. I couldn't bring myself to dress myself or my children as a cow for the giveaway they had a few months ago, but anything to do with football - I am all about that!

I forgot to put the kids in their Gator shirts yesterday morning, so to spare myself any extra laundry, we just put their Gator hats on. Lord knows I have enough laundry as it is, without them wearing two outfits in one day. Lillian doesn't have a Gator hat, so she wore her pink Gator shirt. Even the grown-ups participated, so we ended up with 6 free orders of chicken strips. Plus the kids got to play for a little while in the playplace and share some ice cream. What a fun way to end the holiday weekend!

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