Checking In...

Sorry for my lack of blogs lately, but things have been a bit crazy around here... I am watching two of our neighbor's kids in the afternoons while she runs the Parker Street Academic Enrichment Program. I'm glad they are here for a bunch of reasons, but most importantly I have come to realize just how lazy I had gotten with my kids between nap time and dinner. It was so easy to just throw on a movie for them because they hadn't watched too much tv or I deserved some down time. How selfish of me!

So although I am sad that it took someone else's children to draw it to my attention, I am happy to be more involved now in the afternoons... although sometimes these days we are in survival mode with five children under the age of 5!! :)

Funny thing is, I have been watching them since school started and this is the first time they were all still at the same time for me to take a picture! They rarely watch TV and this shot happened to be during the 30-second span that they were actually paying attention to the movie that was on.

I am hoping I can continue doing this as my pregnancy progresses. Hopefully soon it will cool down a bit and we can spend more time outside. It still feels like the middle of summer here!

I will try to post more soon - I have lots of cute pictures from Lillian's first birthday party!


These Three Kings said...

glad to hear from you!! cant wait to see those pictures!!!


Brian and Ella said...

looking forward to seeing the party pics...wish we could have been there!! i loved the invitation...too cute!! glad you are back...i've been missing your posts. love you.

These Three Kings said...

hey... I left something special for you on my blog
love you friend!