Oh What A Night!

Amazingly, our first severe boo-boo in almost five years! I am finally just about calmed down after last night's events, and Caleb was such a big boy through the whole ordeal - including the five stitches!

We were at a Seeds concert at church and all the kids were dancing and playing around. I missed the actual incident since Caleb was behind me, but evidently he tripped or slipped and fell right into the corner of a tile baseboard in our sanctuary. I saw our pastor carrying him out and he casually motioned to me to follow him. Thinking Caleb had a minor scrape or bruise, I start walking toward them and then I saw the tons of blood on Caleb's white shirt and got a little scared... okay, terrified!! I ran after them, losing a shoe in the process and saw the very deep 1-inch gash on his forehead. We put a compress on it and he carried Caleb out to the car for me, praying and quoting scripture to Caleb the whole time. He even showed him all of his scars!!

We headed straight to the emergency room and luckily LRMC has a pediatric ER unit that is a million times better than the regular ER. We haven't been there since Caleb was about 4 months old and had rotavirus. I can't say enough about how positive our experience was, and Caleb didn't cry at all while they were stitching him. He did amazingly well, better than mommy did!

I didn't sleep much last night because I kept checking on him while he was sleeping. Now he will have a story to tell his first day of preschool!

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Brian and Ella said...

sweet, sweet caleb! how scary, but i'm so glad he's okay!!