Birthday Thoughts

We found the perfect birthday present for Lillian. We haven't gotten it yet, but we will definitely need it soon...
Mid-April, to be exact! Yes, there is another little MacDonald blessing on the way!! We won't go to the doctor until September 3rd and I, as usual, didn't want to tell everyone this early. But this just isn't a secret that can be kept very easily!

So to answer the questions I know we will hear 800 times...
-Yes, we know what causes it.
-Yes, we were planning to have a 4th (maybe not quite this soon - ha ha).
-No, we will not find out what we are having.
-No, I don't usually get morning sickness.
-Yes, after this baby, we are probably done.
-No, we are not crazy, just immeasurably blessed and honored that God has called us to parenthood. We would fill our house with kids if it was bigger!!


Brian and Ella said...

ahhh!! oh my goodness!! i am so excited for you all!! yea! we get to be pregnant together again, and our babies will be so close in age!! (i had a feeling this was coming soon!)

we will be praying for this precious little one! we love you!!

Jen said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Our pregnancies will overlap, yay! We found out what we are having the other day--we're having a little girl! We are so excited!


Daddy and Jeannie said...

Looks like I will get to be there for this one . . . the first one and the "last" one, right? It will be wonderful being able to spend more time with all of the little ones now. They deffinately are growing up too fast!
Love to all!
Granmommy <3