A Day at the Zoo

Last Friday, we got to tag along with the neighborhood summer camp kids to the zoo and we didn't even have to buy our tickets... yet another benefit to life in the hood :) I can't believe my boy will be old enough next year to be at camp all summer, but after seeing how much fun he had with all the kids at the zoo, I know he will enjoy it!

It rained for a little while, but the kids loved playing in the rain and the adults loved how much cooler it was with no sun. The highlight of the day was definitely feeding the stingrays. My favorite part was when I told Ella (after removing her shoes for the millionth time) that she absolutely could not walk around the zoo barefoot and that she needed to sit down and put her shoes back on.

She decided against the bench that was right by us and instead plopped down in the middle of a mud puddle to put them back on. And I didn't get the camera out fast enough!

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