How to Make a Mommy Cry

Well, this momma, anyway. I checked the mail today fully expecting the usual junk and occasional bill, hoping for the Winn Dixie ad so I could compare it with the Publix ad that comes in the newspaper on Wednesdays and do some menu planning/grocery lists. Instead, this is what I got:

Please pray for me on August 19th as I will be leaving my precious boy in the care of someone other than myself for a miserable 3 hours a day and (GASP) I won't even be able to call and check on him. He will love it, I will hate it! Baby steps... maybe this well better prepare both of us for Kindergarten next year.


Brian and Ella said...

oh trisha! that would be so hard for me, too!!

since preschool is not really an option for us this year, i'm just going to have to wait until next year for kindergarten. hudson is already ready to go to school, too!! i know caleb is going to love it!! i will be praying for sure you let us know about his first day!!

These Three Kings said...

Trish..awwww.. I so now how you are feeling..
I am sure the LORD will meet us with GRACE but dang in it, this is so hard..
praying with you and for you

ps my kaiya will be in kindergarden all week long from 9am-3pm WHAT IN THE WORLD!!???
just so you know, those three hours will fly by so fast :)