Back to School Bash

It doesn't even seem right to say that we have a child old enough to go to a "back to school" anything - I must be getting old!

We braved the crowd today at The Lakeland Center for this year's Back to School Bash. They offered lots of great services - on-site physicals, immunizations, dental check-ups, and more, but we were just there for the free stuff and the fun stuff! Caleb got a new backpack and TONS of school supplies... he probably won't need any of it for his pre-K class, but with a house full of little ones you can never have enough paper, glue, markers, etc. They had lots of fun activities which made Ella feel better after not being able to get her own backpack. After all the madness we headed downtown to one of my favorite cuban restaurants to share some lunch, then home where we ALL took a nap.

I'm sure we could have bought all this stuff at a store without spending too much, especially now during the back to school sales. But we didn't have to spend anything! Little things like this always remind me how fortunate we have been over the last 4 years. I never dreamed I would have the privilege of being home with our children, and I am humbled at how God has continued to provide for our family's needs.

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Brian and Ella said...

i am just amazed at all the great (free) deals you all seem to be always finding!!! how do you do it?

caleb looked so old with his back pack on!! (sniff sniff) how can we get them to stop growing???