Little Bit on the Lookout

When I went in the nursery this morning to get Lillian up from her nap, this is what I found:

So precious! I know I probably shouldn't have her crib so close to a window, but since her tiny nursery is actually half of our laundry room, I don't have a lot of options for where to put furniture... It might be time to consider moving her crib into Caleb and Ella's room and move him into the guest/computer room. There are so many other projects that need finishing up, I was hoping to wait a while before we had to do that!

Lillian is growing so fast. She is pulling up on everything, cruising along the furniture, standing alone for short periods of time and finally crawling up on her knees. She says ma-ma, da-da, Ella, Gator (ga-daa), uh-oh, thank you (sounds a lot like da-da)... She loves her brother and sister to pieces - Caleb can make her laugh hysterically with very little effort. She is a great sleeper and even better eater. She is finally starting to fill out some and has gotten really tall (I guess they still say long at her age). She loves to dance, clap her hands and point to the parts of my face so I will tell her what they all are. She is still a mommy's girl, which is fine with me. :) She has a 3-toothed smile that will melt your heart and she is very generous with it. She also LOVES to give wet, slobbery open-mouth kisses. Whenever I ask her for a kiss she will lean in shyly toward my face and smile when I kiss her. She is incredibly ticklish and doesn't like to sleep with any kind of covers on (just like her older sister). We love you, baby girl - you are such a joy and we are blessed and honored to be your mommy and daddy.

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Thanks for your comment - I was thinking about using blueberries too, so I'm glad to have a thumbs up first!

That picture is beautiful!!!