All in a Day's Work

Wednesday was quite a day for Caleb. He had his first day of school (delayed from Tuesday because of Tropical Storm Fay), got his stitches removed, and we got some free tickets to a Devil Rays game that night. Whew!

The house was so quiet while he was gone... for a short time Lillian was even down for her morning nap so I was living life with just one kiddo (for a VERY brief time)... I really didn't know what to do with myself - I had to remember how to play girlie stuff with Ella since it was just the two of us. We had a great time with a "coffee" party (maybe a sign that I need to cut back some) and she had lots of time to "make" my hair, as she calls it.

It will be fun to have some special times with my girls, but I do miss Caleb during the day. God is gracious to provide this opportunity for us... I really do think it will make the transition to Kindergarten a lot easier for me.

Headed to the car

Caleb and his teachers

His "All About Me" Project for circle time

No more stitches!!

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These Three Kings said...

Look at the LORD providing a way for you not to worry or be sad at his departure.. :)
so glad to hear you are keeping busy
LOve you
pray for time is coming next week