Shopping Woes

I used to be NEUROTIC with my grocery shopping habits... I would literally go to like 4 or 5 different places to get food... Winn Dixie for meat sales, Publix for BOGO sales, Save-A-Lot for staple items, the bread store for bread and the produce stand for fruits and veggies. I am ashamed to say, this is no longer the case. I find myself shopping more and more at Publix because with three little ones in tow, it is just easier for me. They have the bigger shopping carts so I don't have to pile groceries on top of one (or more) of my children sitting in the back of the buggy, free cookies, free balloons and they always want to help me take everything out to my van. I have convinced myself that my somewhat higher grocery bill (even with coupons) is justified because I would be spending that money in gas to go all those other places and you can't put a price on sanity (what is that, exactly?)...

I guess the ideal solution would be to shop by myself so I can go back to my old habits, but who wants to grocery shop on the weekend? And how would I survive a shopping trip without the mortified stares from all the other shoppers? It might be kind of boring if I couldn't teach Caleb about unit prices and how to pick a cantaloupe, and what would I do if Ella wasn't there to insist that she unload every SINGLE item onto the conveyor belt for me? I will be so sad when my kids aren't at home during the day anymore. :(


Brian and Ella said...

oh, how i can relate!!! publix is the only place i can go with all 3! walmart is just a nightmare with the boys, and i can only get a few items because they are all piled up in the cart.

and yes, henry is the same as ella...wanting to put every item on the belt. and i love hudson's (loud and crying) questions of why we can't buy that certain cereal, and my answer is because daddy hasn't gotten paid yet, and we're just here to buy milk and bread. he then precedes to cry pitifully and loudly for all to hear, "but when will daddy get paid????" as i avoid all eye contact with other customers!! (i think i need to blog about that myself!)

Rebecca said...

Hey Trisha,
Chad emailed me your blog.It is very cute. I love keeping up with your family. I agree about only going to one place. i wish we had a Publix in TN. Have you looked at the website called It has really helped me to cut my bill down.

your kids are too cute. We missed seeing you this year at the beach.
Rebecca Ridner