Our Newest Addition

We finally took the plunge and got some bedroom furniture!!! I now have real grown-up furniture instead of the free stuff we got from someone's 13 year-old daughter who didn't want it anymore. We have been saving up for a new mattress and I happened to find this on craigslist.com for not much more than we were spending on the mattress we had planned on getting from Sam's Club. It included all the furniture and the mattress set. Finally, for the first time in months, I woke up today without a backache.

And I thought it was my children making me so tired all the time!


Brian and Ella said...

it's beautiful! i love it!!

Charles and Heidi said...

Gotta love Craigslist! You did a great job of picking out some beautiful furniture! Now for the bathroom pictures... hmmm..
Or... are we going to have to come to Florida and see for ourselves?