... with their hands in the cookie jar (or package). The other day Scott and my dad were working on a new walkway from our back door to the gate. As usual, I love to be there watching everything and asking a million and one annoying questions... only because I am curious, not doubtful of the job someone is doing. At least I know where Caleb gets it from, but he is only 4, so what's my excuse? Anyway, the kids were watching "Over the Hedge" which we had rented for free from Blockbuster, so I figured they would be engrossed in that for the next 90 minutes. Silly me!! It's only when I need them for something that they can't take their eyes of the screen for the entirety of a movie. I had Lillian outside with me and decided it might be a good idea to go check on the other two. I had been outside MAYBE 10 minutes and this is what I found when I went in:Yes, they had mutilated the ENTIRE package of my beloved reduced fat Vienna Fingers, the best store-bought cookie in all the world. We stocked up on them a couple weeks back when Publix had them BOGO since they are NEVER even on sale, much less BOGO. So I am glad I enjoyed my first package since they obviously enjoyed the free one, or half of it anyway. They were kind enough to leave me the cookie halves with no cream on them (or icing, as Caleb calls it). Pretty funny, if you ask me. I didn't need them, anyway!

Notice the plant and landscaping books on the table, too... if anyone has any good ideas for landscaping, let me know. We are in dire need of a lawn make-over and neither one of us has much of a green thumb. I have been staring at the books for about a month now and haven't gotten anywhere with it.

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Charles and Heidi said...

You are so smart to have your camera ready for such delightful situations! A good mama!
By the way, Love the coffee table!!