Safety First

How cute are they? :) Today we got fitted for a free bicycle helmet at a local non-profit agency. I had taken the kids a few weeks back but they ran out of helmets, and then they called the other day to say they had received some more. Ella's big noggin wouldn't fit in the toddler helmet, so she is wearing one the same size as her brother's. Lillian didn't get one because they didn't have any of the baby sizes, but since the other two aren't really riding their bikes that well I wouldn't be taking Lillian on a bike ride anyway, so no big deal. I promised the kids we would go outside after their naps - Ella wants to ride her scooter and Caleb wants to ride his bike. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. We have had "Florida Sunshine" (that's rain for you non-natives) just about every afternoon for the last couple of weeks and it sounds like it may be thundering outside now.

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japm1944 said...

how cute they are. Caleb and Ella we miss you'll bunches. I like your helmets. xoxoxoxoxo to all. See you'll real soon. Mima and Papa