Greetings from the Sooner State

Just a quick update since I haven't posted in a while - I am in Oklahoma with the kids at Grandaddy and Granmommy's house! Scott is home toiling away at various projects in our house... We have been in it a year now and it seems like we don't get much of a chance to work on stuff so he decided that he could get more done with us gone :) I am looking forward to the season in our lives when we will be able to work on these projects together, though with three little ones I am afraid it may be a while! Fortunately Scott has his dad's help all this week - they both took the week off from work. I may not be posting very often while we are here, but I will try to get some pics uploaded when we get home.
Here we are at a rest area in Texas - I can't believe how good the kids were on the drive to OK, especially since we didn't stop for the night anywhere. Notice my naked child - we had a bit of a diaper blowout right before this and I hadn't put a new outfit on her yet... Not fun on a road trip! Thank goodness it didn't get all over her car seat.

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