Parker Street

I have been burdened lately with my lack of involvement in our neighborhood. Even though we don't work for the ministry, God has called us to live here for a reason, and I am struggling to figure out ways I can help. I feel like so many people are concerned with "cleaning up the neighborhood" when what we really need to do is embrace the brokenness surrounding us and realize that, while it is a huge challenge, we need to thank God for the chance to be a part of such an awesome work of life transformation that only He can provide. My friend Christina and I were talking last week about starting a playgroup for moms in the neighborhood. She is in charge of our after-school program and summer camp and knows of several families with preschoolers still at home who could participate. What an awesome opportunity this could be, and a huge answer to prayer for me.

Please pray that these moms will see me not as an outsider, but as someone who truly wants to be a part of their lives and their children's lives for the long run. Pray that my children will be kind and will look for ways to be a blessing to the families we interact with. Pray that we will come up with meaningful, appropriate and fun activities to engage all of our children together, and that God would be glorified through all of it. I love the idea of neighborhood kids (and moms)wanting to be here - knowing that it is a safe place where they can see the gospel lived out in my marriage, how we parent our children, and how we live in community with our neighbors.


Charles and Heidi said...

We will pray for you and your family.. that Christ in you will draw others to Himself. What an amazing opportunity which God has entrusted to you. You are an inspiration to US! Blessings on your neighborhood!!

These Three Kings said...

wow!! I am so encouraged!!! this is such a great idea!!
I will be praying for your play group times!!
so glad I found your blog! look at the LORD answering your prayers , HE has promised to never leave nor forsake us! I love him so!! I am sure HIS has more to reveal to you!! cant wait to hear!