We're Back!

Wow, a week and no blogs - that is pretty pitiful! Although last week was a busy week for me, so I guess I have an excuse! :) Scott ended up being home ALL week last week - poor guy just couldn't get better despite all our attempts. Ella and Lillian were up and about around mid-week, but I still wasn't really comfortable taking them out because they were both having occasional episodes of an upset stomach - I have never in my life changed so many pull-ups and diapers... So now I know for sure I will never live where it snows because last week I was going stir-crazy being stuck at home for five days! Thank the Lord Caleb and I never caught IT, so I guess we will be the lucky ones next time.


The other night I put the kids to bed because Scott was still not feeling up to it. They wanted the overhead light dimmed so they could read for a little while - which we let them do occasionally - but on this night I said no because it was already a little late and I knew they were tired. I peeked in their door after a few minutes and saw this:
They had both climbed in Ella's bed and turned her lamp on so they could look at their books. Pretty resourceful and, in their eyes, probably okay since I had not specifically said not to turn that light on. They were being so sweet together that I just let them be for a while. I love to see their friendship developing as they get older... You hear so much about sibling rivalry and we always wondered when they were younger how they would get along. It is amazing how much they depend on each other already, and how sad one is when the other isn't with them. I don't know what poor little Caleb will do when he gets moved to a different bedroom for Ella and Lillian to share a room!

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