A Work of Art

Earlier today I was making a meal for my friend Callie who recently had a baby. We had just finished lunch and the kids were in their room playing. I love that they will do that now - they used to stay in there for about five minutes and then want out or else just start fighting over every little thing so they knew I would let them out. It is amazing what I can get done during a short period of "room time" and even more amazing that they are actually enjoying it and wanting to do it. After about 15 minutes, Caleb came out and told me to come look at the artwork he was making, so I headed to their room and right before I got there he told me, "No, wait, it isn't ready yet!" So I went back in the kitchen to finish what I was doing, and about 10 minutes after that he came back in and told me he was done with it. He told me he made a "statue" of someone's head, so, of course, I asked him who it was. He told me it was David Archuleta, which is funny since during the American Idol finale he told me to vote for David Cook (which I did). American Idol is a tradition around here - Scott always watches the audition outtakes and I always watch the actual competition. *Disclaimer - neither of the Davids were my favorite but, though they are both extremely talented, I decided to vote for DC... maybe I am still harboring too much bitterness since Chris Daughtry didn't win, but Idol just hasn't been the same since that season and there hasn't been another contestant that I liked as much as him. Anyway, never mind all that - Caleb did a great job creating a "person" out of fake food and puzzle pieces.


Charles and Heidi said...

Caleb is so creative! Read it out loud to Charles. We both laughed when you wrote "David Archeleta".
It is never a dull moment there, is it? So fun to read about! Thanks for sharing.

Brian and Ella said...

caleb is so creative...that is too cute!

that's so funny! i just started letting the boys watch american idol the last few weeks as well. i wish i had thought about it earlier in the season and we could have watched it together. i was usually trying to get them to bed at that time, so i missed it too. next season we'll have to start at the beginning and watch it together. hudson and henry had to play their guitars while the performers were singing...they loved it!!