Sick Days

Scott and the girls have had the stomach flu for the last few days :( Ella and Lillian started over the weekend and Scott woke up sick yesterday morning. We have gone through more than our share of diapers and pull-ups this week and Scott has been out of work for two days, which is unheard of for him. So if you are wondering why no posts in the last couple of days, that is why! Although I know being sick wasn't much fun for him, we have enjoyed having Scott home during the day. Now we all need to pray that Caleb and I don't catch it!


Brian and Ella said...

so glad you guys had a wonderful anniversary!! hope everyone is feeling better!!

Charles and Heidi said...

Just checking in. No blog update? Hope that you and Caleb did NOT get the flu!! Yikes! Praying that you are soon able to blog again! Love to the family