Our Sweet Caleb

Yesterday, my friend Callie came over with her two kids, Carter and Avery. Her kids are the same age as mine (both within a month of each other) and she and I really get along, so we spend lots of time together throughout the week. We had all been at the Y that morning - I was working out and she had her kids at swim lessons. After we were all done, we played on the playground for a while and then headed here for lunch. Luckily, I had just been shopping the night before so we had food that was guest-worthy. I made the grown-ups a chicken ceasar salad and popcorn chicken, fries and grapes for the kiddos. The kids came to the table when they could tear themselves away from playing and Carter saw the Spiderman placemat that Caleb has. He decided that he wanted a Superman placemat - no big deal, right? Problem was, he wanted it right then and was just beside himself that he didn't have one, even after his mom told him they would look next time they were at the store. He started having a meltdown and Caleb went right into helper mode... First, he offered Carter the Spiderman placemat, but he didn't want it, so Caleb went to the drawer and pulled out some of the other kid-friendly placemats we have - none of those caught his eye. Still wanting to make his friend feel better, Caleb told him that he could have one of his toys and "keep it forever." I thought that was really sweet, but as he headed into his room to pick something for his friend, I knew he would come out with a broken toy, or one he never plays with. How humbling it was to see him carry out his Batman figurine - the cream of the crop when it comes to his toys - and cheerfully hand it to his friend to have. Carter ended up picking a Buzz Lightyear toy and a space alien book that lights up and plays music. What a precious boy Caleb is. Scott and I continue to be surprised by his thoughtfulness - it really is amazing that a 4 year-old can think that way.

Caleb and Carter with the toy and book Caleb gave him

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Daddy and Jeannie said...

Gosh, what a sweet, compasionate person he has become! Are you sure he's only 4?? Can't wait to see you all again!