Girly Girls

I took the plunge today and got Lillian's ears pierced. We had done Ella's at about 9 months, which I thought was a little late because she tended to mess with her ears after the fact. I was at the mall today with the kids and my mother-in-law for a change of scenery. I am sure the kids didn't enjoy it as much as the park, library or kid's museum, but I hadn't been window shopping in a while so I thought it might be fun. Plus I promised them they would get Chick-Fil-A for lunch and maybe even get to toss some pennies in the fountain, so they were in (they ended up also getting some new shoes - gotta love clearance sales at The Children's Place). So the initial plan was just to walk around and have some lunch, but I decided on a whim that this was the day we would get her ears done. She really was good - a little squirmy when they were trying to mark the spot on her earlobes and of course she cried when they did the actual piercing - I was hoping they could do both ears at once, but no such luck. The funniest part - she got the hiccups right before so we had to wait until they went away because she kept jerking her torso when she hiccuped. She looks so pretty with earrings in her ears. I really had a hard time deciding whether or not to get her ears pierced... it wasn't that way with Ella so I'm not sure what the difference is - maybe it is because Lillian is so much smaller than Ella was at her age. I hope they will like having earrings in their ears when they get older.

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Daddy and Jeannie said...

Thank you for reminding us about your blog! You do such wonderful work! It is a great way for us to hear all the cute daily stories that you don't have time to tell us over the phone ~ and the pictures are an added bonus! Love you all
Daddy and Jeannie