Potty Training 101

Everyone says it is easier to potty train girls than boys... well they obviously have not met my 2 year-old daughter who I am pretty sure may be more stubborn than my husband and me combined. We were at the table today eating lunch. Caleb wanted a ham sandwich and Ella asked for mac and cheese, so that is what I gave them. Ella was about three bites into her food (she always cleans her plate when she has mac and cheese) when she said "I'm done," got up from the table and made a beeline toward her bedroom. Knowing that the corner by her bed is where she hides to poop, I ran after her, scooped her up and proceeded directly to the bathroom where I yanked her bloomers and pull-up off and sat her on the toilet. Without going into too much gross anatomical detail, I could tell she really had to go, but every minute or so she would clench her muscles and cry for a few seconds, so I knew she was just not letting it happen. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of... we read potty books, we sang songs, Caleb brought her several different toys to hold, I even bribed her with chocolate (that would have gotten me to do just about anything)... all to no avail. She didn't fuss or try to get up, she just would not do her business. At one point, Lillian woke up, so I had to bring her in the bathroom with us... What a picture we must have been - Ella sitting completely naked on the toilet, me on the floor in front of her holding her hands and straddling the base of the toilet, Lillian next to us in the bouncy seat and Caleb laying in the empty bathtub playing with his matchbox cars - what has my life become? Finally I realized that it was past their naptime, so I took Caleb to his room to tuck him in. I figured Ella would finally go potty while I was gone and then I could put her in bed. I got back to the bathroom to find a big surprise, but not quite the one I had in mind:I swear, that child can sleep anywhere. Yes, she is sitting on the toilet, leaning over on the bathtub and is ASLEEP. If I didn't think she would have fallen off the toilet, I may have left her there for a few minutes - maybe being completely relaxed would have taken care of the problem we were having. But I picked her up right away (after I took a picture, of course) and carried her to bed, put a pull-up on her and kissed her forehead. She will probably make a nice present for me to clean up when she wakes up from her nap, but what's one more messy pull-up in the grand scheme of life. Maybe we will have better luck next time!

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Brian and Ella said...

that is hilarious, trisha!

henry, as you know, is almost 3, and we are no where near being potty trained except for the occasional tinkle in the potty...when he's in the mood for an m&m. i thought henry would be easier to train than hudson, but no such luck!! i think it's that stubborn macdonald gene! :)