Life with Kids

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANMOMMY!!! We miss you and love you bunches.

This morning I took Caleb to tour a preschool that we are looking at for VPK next year. Our neighbor sends her kids there, and she used to be a teacher so I respect her opinion on the subject. We went into the VPK classroom, saw the kids in there and looked at how the room was set up. I liked it immediately - a reading corner, different centers all over the room, kids' Bible songs playing in the background, no television anywhere to be seen, and even a pet bunny - not to mention the huge outside play area. The teacher told me some of the things they work on are letter recognition and teaching the kids to write their names, both of which Caleb has down pat pretty well... But VPK here is a state-mandated program so all the schools will teach the same curriculum, lots of which I am sure he still needs to learn. The class is 3 hours a day, 3 days a week and is F-R-E-E!! I put our name on the waiting list for fall enrollment and left feeling pretty satisfied about the school. I asked Caleb later if he liked it or wanted to tour some other places and he informed me that he wanted to keep looking because the classroom we saw today was "just a little bit boring." Oh brother!

After that I took all the kids to the library in Bartow for storytime. We went with our neighbor Tara and her two kids - her mom is the one who does the reading. We typically go to the Lakeland library since it is so much closer, but we missed it yesterday so the kids wanted to go today. We sang songs, listened to the story, and sang some more; then the moms were all chit-chatting while the kids all played together. I had my eye on Ella because she was playing with a flag in the corner and I didn't want her to pull it down. I looked down for a second to give Lillian a book and the next thing I know, Ella is standing in the corner bare-bottomed - she had taken off her pants AND pull-up and her little cheeks were just hanging out under her shirt. Once I could catch my breath and ask her what she was doing, she told me she had to go potty. Maybe she is finally starting to learn to go on her own without me making her go every 15 minutes - hallelujah!!


Brian and Ella said...

how in the world is it FREE!!!! that's great!

that is too cute about ella!

Daddy and Jeannie said...

Thank you for the happy birthday wish! Just wish we had been reading daily back then! I had a wonderful birthday, the phone kept ringing all day long!